adventures in middle earth

or, growing with style!

imagine as you hike in the forest, hearing the crazy laughing call of a pileated woodpecker echo off of the hundred trees surrounding you, then looking to your left – you suddenly find yourself next to the petrified leg of an elephant or dinosaur embodied in a living tree.

yeah, it happened just like that.

this really is middle earth!


c’mon and take a walk with us…

images from left to right: morel mushroom; spring peeper frog on swiss chard; forest fairie home

welcome to sandershire!

learning to get out of our own way…


greetings,  and welcome to sandershire!

it’s early spring here in the northern hemisphere, such a fitting time to launch!  for some time now this year we’ve been busy planting seeds (both physical and metaphorical) and are looking forward to a season of new growth.

so, about those seeds…

there’s so much noise in the world today, so many requests of our attention (and resources) that it’s often challenging to hear our own thoughts, much less the whispers of our hearts. for us, coming to this place also came with a sense of responsibility to steward the land rather than try to own it. that sense opened us to a collaboration, a merging of two humble humans (named sanders) with this emerald plot of earth (a shire), and sandershire was born. this collaboration has manifest into a clarity of thought, allowing us access to our heart’s whispers, and deeper yet, of truly hearing the voices of nature: the plaintive song of a white-throated sparrow; the energizing vibration of spring peeper frogs in chorus; the constant hum of native forest bees; the wild cry of coyotes; the query of a barred owl, … these sounds, and the moments they inhabit, effectively quiet the cacophony of consumerism and the frenetic expectations of our modern culture.

and so we’ve come to honor sandershire as a sanctuary, a haven of fascination, meditation, learning, respite, and healing. building on the spirit of collaboration, and endeavoring to contribute positively to the world, we are committed to sharing the enchantment of this place. is open for all who wish to reconnect with nature.

we invite you to visit here often.

stay as long as you like.